Green Shield BD (Pvt.) Ltd.

Committed to US, Committed to YOU, Committed to BANGLADESH & Committed to the GLOBE!

The world is changing at an ever-increasing rate, consumers and clients are becoming more sophisticated, concern about customer service, price, safety, compliance, and technology is part of our everyday lives. Already in recent years, many businesses were beginning to raise the bar on customer service in order to differentiate from competitors and defend prices. Service or after-sales service has a bright future at the heart of business communications. By developing new capabilities, service teams can create differentiation and competitive advantage.

We are determined and committed to secure GREEN SHIELD BD’s leadership in helping our employees, clients, shareholders, owners, suppliers and business partners and the society at large. GREEN SHIELD BD’s leadership is committed to providing quality service, promoting new technologies and pioneering new markets and shape the organization we need to secure sustained development. Through our commitment to quality service, constant learning and winning mindset and respect for client and planet, we aim to exceed expectations and be rewarded with a smile. We will meet challenging goals by engaging the talent and passion of people, who believe there is always a better way.
We will grow together that has the trust of all employees, clients, shareholders, owners, suppliers and business partners and so I ask you to provide even greater support to our efforts.

Green Shield BD (Pvt.) Ltd.


Green Shield BD (Pvt) Ltd.

To create positive change through sustainable solution and innovative thinking.


Green Shield BD (Pvt) Ltd

we strive to provide the highest quality solution in the field of water engineering, mechanical engineering, environment and sustainability, occupational health and safety, social compliance and business development.
We are dedicated to providing professionally trained, reliable and polite staff to service our client’s. To us it's simple, we treat you in the same manner as if we were the client, whether you’re a small family, small business, large company, or body corporate; first time, every time.We believe the best employees those who feel appreciated, and that translates to our valuable clients.
Green Shield BD (Pvt) Ltd. is committed not only to meet the needs of customers but also to provide customers with the new value that exceeds their expectations. “Meeting needs, exceeding expectations.”